Chinese painting color 24 tubes a set watercolor 12ml NIB by Marie’s


Marie’s water colors are pure and beautiful

Size: 12ml/tubex24colors.


Product Features:

Size: 12ml/tubex24colors. Including colors: 104 Titanium White;218 Gamboge;242 Light Yellow;316 Orange Yellow;399 Vermilion;398 Cinnabar;400 Rouge;302 Scarlet;393 Peony Red;390 Eosin;684 Burnt Sienna;699 Dark Brown;439 Purple;492 Blue Label Two;493 Blue Label Three;511 Viridian;591 Green Label One;592 Green Label Two;593 Green Label Three;455 Cerulean Blue;443 Ultramarine ;451 Phthalo Blue;495 Cyanine;793 Black

Marie’s water colors are pure and beautiful, with good diffusibility in the water.

they areconvenient for mounting because of good water resistance.

Marie’s paints are non-formaldehyde and benzene, with the certification of Environmental Protection.

Marie’s brand since 1919, passed ISO certification and Europe and America UL, CE.

Product Description:

Size: 12ml/tubex24colors.

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Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 1 in


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